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We pioneered “Positioning”

There are a number of consulting organizations large and small. Here is a short analysis as to what makes our approach to strategic consulting unique.

  • We pioneered “Positioning”
    Jack Trout wrote the first article on the subject in 1969. He also wrote two books on the subject, “Positioning: The Battle for Your Mind” in 1980 and The New Positioning in 1992. No other organization has this experience and knowledge of this subject.
  • We do all the work
    While we will employ expert “Partners” when certain expertise is needed, projects like this are not done well by juniors. In our experience, senior management can best be dealt with via senior people. Few organizations tend to use only their top people on projects.
  • Our process is a book
    In Jack Trout’s Differentiate or Die, we lay out, in great detail, how companies can effectively position themselves. We apply this process to all engagements. We suspect that no other organization has a book on their approach and methodology.
  • We work very quickly
    Because we work only with senior people, there is very little wasted time and decisions are made very quickly. In general, a project can usually be completed in less than three months if necessary. Generally, all that is required is one input meeting where all existing information is gathered and perhaps a later directional meeting just as a check on initial thoughts and directions. This is followed by a presentation of recommendations on a positioning concept, how to best verbalize it and bring it to life.  Most organizations require far more time.
  • We have vast experience
    As you can see by our client list, we have worked in every category from caskets to computers.  No organizations have as much Positioning experience as Trout & Partners. In fact, Jack Trout just completed a Positioning project for the State Department on how to better position the United States in the world community.
  • We are not expensive
    Because we work with only senior people, we are able to avoid charging exorbitant fees. We estimate that most projects can be completed for far less than most consulting organizations. At the end of this process, you should have a blueprint from which you can start implementation.  Each project has to be estimated individually.
  • Finally, a warning
    We require everyone with whom we work to be open-minded as we bring what some have described as “brutal honesty” to a project. We take nothing for granted and if we see a problem that might not be on the table, we put it there along with a solution.

    If you have your minds made up, don’t hire us. We don’t want to do what a client wants to do unless we think that their solution is absolutely correct.
Prototype Communications
With a strategy in hand, we develop prototype communications that bring our recommendations to life. These are presented in the form that best fits a company's basic communications. For example, for Procter & Gamble we developed prototype television commercials. For Merck, we developed a prototype sales presentation.

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