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Why Do Bad Things Happen to Smart Leaders
Summer 2011 | Jack Trout | Leader To Leader
Business and nonprofit leaders are overeducated. Never have I seen so much advice offered to executives about how to do things right. There are hundreds of management books and more than 2,000 titles in marketing alone. So why are we having such difficult economic times? Why did Detroit almost drive off a cliff? Why did the banks need bailing out? Why are some corporate legends—Kodak, Nokia, Yahoo, Johnson & Johnson, Sears, Budweiser, even General Electric—having problems? Sure, you can point to...more

Marketing: Too Important to be Left to the Marketing People
Summer 2010 | Jack Trout | Leader To Leader
Peter Drucker, the father of modern management,
once wrote that the purpose of a business is to generate new customers, and only two functions do
that: marketing and innovation. All other business functions are expenses. That piece of advice has since been ignored by business leaders, with only a few exceptions. Today, when top management is surveyed, their priorities in order are finance, sales, production, management,
legal, and people. Missing from the list: marketing and innovation....more
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