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A Sampling of Clients

For their AccuRay division we developed a positioning strategy for a new generation of paper quality control systems. This work included a new product name as well as a new strategy that dramatized this development.
Bajaj is India’s second largest motorcycle company. We have worked with them on positioning their three basic brands as well as the corporation. This work has resulted in Bajaj becoming India’s global powerhouse in motorcycles.
DuPont is one of the industry leaders in the laboratory chemical analysis systems used for blood tests. We worked with them on how to re-position their systems to deal with very aggressive competition from Kodak. The strategy called for a decided change in selling strategy.
  Eli Lilly
We worked with them on a strategy to strengthen their Prozac brand as well as the introduction of a new drug against life threatening hospital born infections.
General Mills
We developed strategies to bring Betty Crocker back to prominence as well as one to strengthen their line of “helper” products. (Hamburger, tuna, chicken, etc.)
For HP we have worked with their Professional Services Organization as well as helped them position a new generation of large enterprise software.
For IBM we helped them develop a positioning strategy for their new family of workstations as well as a concept for a new generation of “processing” to follow data processing and word processing. We also worked with them on their Enterprise software operation. The recommendation: Buy Lotus.
We were asked to review the marketing strategy of Intel’s Memory Board business. We suggested packaging changes as well as a major new program to exploit the need for more memory to run the very popular Microsoft Windows program.
One of the world’s leading viscose (rayon) manufacturers, we conducted a complete analysis of all of this Austrian company’s brands and corporate communications. The work included a positioning strategy to separate them from their main competitors.
For Merck we have done positioning work for a number of different drugs. Our most recent work dealt with Mevacor, a very successful drug that substantially lowers cholesterol levels.
  Papa John’s
Papa John’s is America’s fastest growing pizza company. Our contribution to their success was to help position their pizza as superior to those of the other chains. The concept: “Better ingredients. Better pizza.”
  Paramount Television
For Paramount Television we reviewed one of their syndicated television shows (Entertainment Tonight) and developed a way to re-focus the show in such a way as to deal with a large number of new competitors. The new strategy has produced a dramatic turn-around in the show’s fortunes and made it one of the most successful in its category.
  Procter & Gamble
We have recently completed a positioning analysis for one of Procter’s major brands. It involved analyzing the brands past success, its present strategy and the future direction on which it should focus.
The largest brewery in Argentina, we did a number of positioning projects on their beers as well as their brand of water, Eco. In the water project, we recognized that they had the mountain water with the lowest content of sodium. This became their “differentiating” idea.
  Schering Plough
For Schering we did work on positioning several of their prescription drugs. One involved formulating an aggressive attacking strategy against the category leader. The other program presented a way to establish “leadership” for one of their fastest growing drugs.
Sears was facing the onslaught of Wal-Mart, Home Depot, Target and other aggressive retailers. We developed a “focus on their brands” strategy that would differentiate them from their competitors.
  Smith Kline
Tagamet was under attack by Zantac. (In the first six months, Zantac grabbed 25 percent of the ulcer market.) We helped Smith Kline develop a “moderate acid suppression” strategy that blunted the Zantac attack and keep Tagamet’s leadership for three critical years.
  Southwest Airlines
Southwest Airlines is a very successful point-to-point, low fare airline that operates out of the southwest part of the country. As they have begun to spread throughout the country it has become apparent to management that they need a clearer positioning to use against their bigger competitors. Our assignment was to better define the category they had pioneered and the benefits of their approach to air travel.
  Wells Fargo Bank
One of the oldest banks in America, they wanted a way to bring their 1856 heritage forward. In studying the situation, we discovered that “fast, responsive service” was always at the heart of their business. It’s just that today’s stagecoaches travel at the speed of light. The concept we developed captured this idea: “Fast then. Fast now.”

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