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We mourn the loss of Jack Trout, “The Father of Positioning”
Trout & Partners China has lost a beloved mentor; the global business world has lost a great strategist. From this day forth, there is one less person that genuinely cares about China’s economic transition…

48 years ago, Jack Trout had an insight into the nature of a business that the key to success is to be different in the mind of the prospect and that is Positioning. And just like this, Trout created an era of positioning that belonged to him. He and his theory of positioning became a navigator for companies crafting strategies. No matter the complexity of the situation and the company, Trout was able to handle the challenges with grace. One can hardly imagine and believe that a man such as Trout offering penetrating insights and amazing creativity, existed without witnessing and being impressed by his deeds first-hand. Even facing a large company, Trout said all he needed was 15 minutes to find a position. Oftentimes, the position can materialize in dramatic ways leading into the minds of the prospect. Perfecting an art such that its practice seemed effortless, and finding joy through its perfection, Trout is our relentless leader in both work and life.

Trout loved positioning so much, and devoted his lifetime to promoting, practicing and developing the theory of positioning. He still made speeches all over the world although he was in his eighties. Even in sickness and up till several days before he passed away, he was still offering guidance to a Spanish project. If he was given a little more time, he would be able to offer clarity to more enterprises mired in fog when crafting strategies and help dissipate gloominess in the global economy.

Information explosion, choice increase and fierce global competition is the reality that we are facing. Under these circumstances, only positioning can secure the prospect’s preference. The positioning guru is gone, but the positioning era has just begun in the global business world.

Trout established the Chinese branch office in 2002 and offered his vision for the China office, and that is “aiding China’s economic transition”. Over the past 15 years, he has been paying close attention to news from China nearly every day. On some days, Trout would be overcome with a sense of elatedness when there was good news, but overcome by sadness if otherwise. Undeterred by the difficulties, Trout visited China on many occasions to exchange ideas and offer guidance. Trout led us onto the path of positioning, his foresight, level of attainment and tenacity as constant as the North Star will shine on and inspire us at all times. Now, we shall bear the torch of positioning that created history, undaunted by the enormity of our goals and relentlessly move forward.

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 June 7, 2017
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