I.What is Positioning?

Positioning is a social discipline that probes into the law of customer perception and acceptance and applies the law in business operation.

II.Why is Positioning important?

By steering business operation with Positioning, products and services can be better perceived and accepted by customers, creating preference in consumption moments. As a result, enterprises can greatly enhance productivity and achieve more efficient and sustainable development.

III.How does Positioning promote the business operation in the current context?

Nowadays, commercial society is at a stage of digital transformation. All walks of life are undergoing iterative reengineering. Innovation and entrepreneurship have become the top priorities of business operation. To this end, Positioning can help enterprises:

1. Plan for business perception: defining customer target base, business mapping, business/product category naming and brand naming

2. widen access to customers: customer value clarification, brand building strategy, selling point capture and selection

3.Defend the business from competitors: competitor identification, cognitive advantage formation, proactive competition reaping

4. Avoid cognitive deviation: determining innovation boundary, designing transformation benign traction iteration and anchored positive thinking for innovation

5. Seize new opportunities: family brand building, multi-positioning collaboration

IV.What we do, Who we serve?

At present, Trout & Partners is mainly engaged in “Positioning Consulting”. We serve our clients across a broad range of industry, in addition, we select outstanding companies (companies characterized by mainstream tracks, leading role, advanced system, abundant fund and excellent entrepreneurial team) with recognized positioning theory and broad target, Trout & Partners works with them, reshapes the industry pattern, and build new industry leaders together.

The most effective way to bring value to a client is to become its partner, our best partners will be companies that innovate and start their own businesses with optimal operations and great vision. We work jointly with them to build a shared understanding and collective ownership of the solution.